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"Ad Rvina Imperii" - VV/AA - 12"
Fire at Work / Luciano Lamanna / 
Somatic Responses

" Slow churning rhythms bubble as Fire At Work introduce the melting “Spartacus.” Pressures are applied, 303 curves and dirtied toms are squeezed in the vice-like atmosphere of this weighty work. The steady hands of Somatic Responses deliver the shaked-up industrial brutality of “Dark Eruption.” The boundaries of ambient, IDM and techno are blurred as the brothers produce a punishing soundscape of glitched percussion and rumbling backdrop. The flip is given over to head of state, or label boss, Luciano Lamanna. The Lux Rec veteran is in bangin’ form. “Giammai, Per Sempre” is a beat driven track, drums pounding and overlapping as a soft tremble haunts. A slow burner, the lolling clicks and snaps become almost hypnotic as bass lines pile-drive. " ( Igloo Magazine) http://igloomag.com/reviews/va-phooka-love-blast


Hard Electronic / Industrial Strenght division
"Peace Dogs"
Lamanna & Fire at Work
digital - Sony distribution - U.S. 2015
Proudly Hard Electronic Industrial Strength sub label.
The historic industrial division presents the latest feat. lamanna / fire at work
three tracks of pure techno disturbed and radical
old school looks to the future
Special Thanks to Lenny Dee ( Italians do it darker)


[BWL002] Lamanna & Fire At Work-
 Assalto Industriale b/w Opera Nove  ORDER HERE __
'Assalto Industriale' is a six minutes and thirty-seven seconds track of industrial assault, name wanted to launch the next project 'Assalti Industriali'. The track targets who live above and below the Underground Rome Techno scene with anger and love between the factories, warehouses and most prestigious clubs. 'Assalto Industriale" is an industrial-techno effort with the right amount of distortion and tribal alchemy from the rhythm to the loop to the whole piece. Needless to say, the sound will reach the ecstasy in the heart of the piece where the deliberately distorted synths begin to talk and shout their essence.! 'Opera Nove' is an experimental track on the B side as desired by the artistic line of the label. A mature piece like the Artists behind it to move the wires. A distant and nostalgic synth to recall atmospheres and rhythms that pay homage to war in a perfect way. Darkness and the bond created with the sea. Distortions in the right place, but softer than the opening track. A complete work thatpacks an Ep in a masterly manner.


[BWL002] Lamanna & Fire At Work - Assalto Industriale b/w Opera Nove out in stores from 28th October 2014
Official Release Event
25/10/2014 @ Init Club
via della stazione tuscolana,Roma

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